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Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus

Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus


by Taylor Mac | Directed by Laurie Thomas | January 30-February 16

It is fabulous and bedraggled: a defiant and beautiful mess.
— Jesse Green, The New York Times

 Have you ever wondered what Shakespeare would make of today? Maybe he’d think we’re like Rome with a splash of the Jetson’s? Or, maybe we’re like that weird play he wrote that he’s not even sure he wrote or when he wrote it, he was looking into a crystal ball foretelling a day when carnage and a pie in the face live happily ever after? What would he make of the brevity of our advanced communications?  He’d certainly yearn to go beyond the characters contained in a tweet of the highest order. Enter Taylor Mac, the brilliant playwright of Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus. Taking Shakespeare’s play, Mac tips it over and extends the story into contemporary social commentary with the precision of a Sweeney Todd on helium. Nominated for the 2019 Tony Award for Best Play, it may be 400 B.C.E. but it feels like the end of the world.

Taylor Mac is a theater artist (who uses the gender pronoun, judy) which means judy’s a playwright, actor, singer-songwriter, cabaret performer, performance artist, director and producer. TimeOut New York has called Mac, “One of the most exciting theater artists of our time” American Theater Magazine says, “Mac is one of this country’s most heroic and disarmingly funny playwrights." Among the many honors received over the span of his career, Mac has been named a MacArthur Fellow, a Pulitzer Prize Finalist for Drama and is the recipient of multiple awards including the Kennedy Prize, a NY Drama Critics Circle Award, a Doris Duke Performing Artist Award, and a Guggenheim. Mac explains judy's larger vision: “All of us have to clean up after our particular political system that’s falling apart right now. Eventually, we are going to have to pick up the pieces rather than just continue to fight each other. 'What is that going to look like?' and 'Who is going to do it?' and 'How are we going to do it?' is the bigger question.”